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Hens Nights

Are you about to get married and looking for something a bit different, and fun for your hens night? Then look no further, book in a dance workshop with the genre of your choosing, photos, and nibbles.

Bridal Dances

We offer a wide range of dance packages to suit all budgets and abilities. Whether you and your partner want a simple routine, or the works, we can work with you to create your dream dance.

Bustouts and Parents

Bust-outs are an entirely new way to break out of the traditional wedding dance model. Tagged on to the end of your wedding dance, or done with your whole bridal party, this really is a way to bring in the fun.


A new style of dance we are offering to our couples, be it to make your honeymoon a little extra special, to surprise your partner for your anniversary, birthday, or just because, a boudoir dance is it!
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Wedding Dances

Music. Movement. Memories.

That is what it means to have a custom wedding dance choreographed for your big day, with Your First Dance Co.

Here at Your First Dance Co., we know that what weddings really are about; memories of love. The memory of walking down that aisle, and seeing your beloved for the first time on your big day. The moment you say “I do” and know it means forever. Those funny and deeply moving speeches.

Then that moment… that once in a lifetime moment, where time and space seem to stand still. The music starts, your bodies begin to move as one, the twirls, the dips, the spins… you seem to become time and love and life flowing together in perfect unison, and it feels like a moment in eternity…that ends all too soon.

And yet it doesn’t with a custom wedding dance with Your First Dance Co.

You will never forget those classes, laughing together and slightly stumbling as you learn something new. The moment you almost trip and they catch you, and you hold your breath. The memories of when you start to get it, and you dance your dance without a mistake for the first time.

You will never forget your journey through dance; and every time that song plays, time will stand still once more, and you will remember.

Bridal Dance Packages

Start at $250

Hens Workshops

A hens night is one of the most fun aspects of getting married. To celebrate with your girlfriends and have a party in honour of your pending nuptials is an opportunity to really let loose, so why not do that with your girl posse by having a tailored dance workshop?

Pick your genre, twerk, burlesque, hip-hop, or something else entirely, have some nibbles, and even get dress up and have a glam photo-shoot. This will be one thing you won’t forget, even if you can’t remember the rest of the night 😉



Have a bust-out at the end of your bridal dance, do a special bust-out for your partner (did anyone say “garter dance?”), or do a full bridal party bust-out and really go nuts! The sky is the limit. Make it a celebration to remember, and bust-out of the traditional mold.

Father/Daughter – Mother/Son

A father and daughter dance, or mother and son dance, is a really special moment in your wedding day. To spend a moment in creating a memory with someone who raised you and holds a special place in your heart. Make it extra special, and extend the memory, with some special dance lessons.


You’ve probably heard of a boudoir photo-shoot, something sexy, and mysterious, usually dressed in lingerie or partially nude. Many women have these done for themselves, or to gift to a partner. Well now you can add a dance to that experience, and take your boudoir to a whole new level.


YFDC now offer Fireworks and Dry Ice to Any dance package – a whole other world of extra to your special day. Picture this, the perfect dance, complete with a Patrick Swazi lift and just at that moment of fireworks and dryice. It just gives you tingles doesn’t it? You and your guests will never forget it!

What Couples Are Saying

She was really helpful, easy instructions and she put together a dance that was perfect for our song. The location of the studio is good and had a lot of dance knowledge. We had a number of sessions which helped us learn the dance. – Melissa N.

She was super friendly. Really easy to get along with. My husband and I had no dance skills but she was able to really guide us step by step. The dance went really well! I felt the price was quite reasonable!
– Hannah T.

I learnt my first dance and father-daughter dance with Your First Dance Co. The instructor was amazing. My husband is not a dancer at all. I really wanted to recreate the “dirty dancing” moment and I still can’t believe we pulled it off! The guests thought it was awesome. – Brigette S.

Our lessons with Your First Dance Co went really well. The dance instructor was very patient with us. Our first dance went really well. We both enjoyed it. It was very fun and so much less awkward than just slow dancing. – Taryn B.

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