Weddings - Testimonials

"Hi Anne Marie, We've just gotten our wedding photos back (still waiting on the video though) but the photos from our dance are AMAZING! Here's a couple of them but the photographer must have gotten like 20 photos and they're all amazing! We're both so glad we found you! We had the best time learning how to dance with you & we definately had the wow factor that we wanted! Everyone kept commenting on how much they loved our dance! It definately made us feel like superstars for the day! Thanks again for your help with our first dance & who knows, we may come back to learn another dance for our baby shower when that happens."
Sam & Evan

"It was a pleasure working with you, You made everything so easy and enjoyable. Ecspecially for Nathan, who has never attended a dance class before, he was able to pick up on it all so quickly, because you were so patient and easy going! Our dance was a hit! Our guests could not get enough. We had everyone up cheering and having a good time. It definatley made our night :) We thank you so much. And this experience has definatley made us want to start dancing together. Dancing has always been a love of mine, but now we get to enjoy it together!
Thankyou for such a great dance, that will be remembered by all for ever! I hope you had as much fun in our lessons as we did."
Jacqui and Nathan

“I have always dreamed of the perfect wedding dance but I could never imagine that it would overcome my expectations. When my fiancé gave me a gift voucher for dance lessons with YOUR FIRST DANCE CO I could not believe! He had never danced before but he was willing to give it a go so we could have the perfect first dance. Anne is a talented and gifted dance teacher, she was so patient during all the many dance lessons we had. Our dance was divided in two parts: a romantic song and then a fast one! She guided us the whole time and made sure every single detail of the dance was perfect. We had so much fun during the lessons and we realised that we both enjoyed dancing and every week we would look forward to it! After a few months finally our wedding day arrived! We were a bit nervous but the dance went perfectly!!! All the guests were so impressed with the dance and they couldn't believe that Ryan was dancing like a pro!!! Thank you YOUR FIRST DANCE CO for everything and Anne now is more than a teacher, she is a friend to us and we are glad we got to know you and that you guys were there to watch our dance! It was definitely the highlight of our wedding reception! We miss our dance lessons already! "
Love from Mr. & Mrs Carter

"We were so lucky to have found Anne-Marie at Your First Dance Co. I can honestly say that my favourite part of the lead up to our wedding was learning our wonderful dance from the talented Anne-Marie. I was having so much fun that I decided to join her burlesque classes as well (as a lot of other brides had done too)! It was such a lovely thing for us to do together as a couple and definitely brought us closer together. We formed a friendship with Anne-Marie through the lessons and decided to invite her to our wedding. She was unable to attend due to being miss busy pants haha. We were so appreciative for Anne-Marie's guidance and wouldn't hesitate to recommend herself and any other teachers from her company. I hope that we can continue to have a friendship with Anne Marie in the future and wish her all the best in her business success! Thanks again Anne-Marie!"
Alison & Jeremy

"Anne-Marie was fantastic! After seeing a dance she had taught our friends for their wedding we knew we wanted her to teach us. She choreographed a simple yet entertaining 1st dance that was easy to learn and fun to perform. Everyone at our wedding raved about how professional the dance was and it was one of the highlights of the reception. Anne-Marie was patient in explaining things - which was a big plus as neither of us had any experience - and really flexible with her schedule. Thanks so much for all your help! We both an awesome time doing classes with you and can't recommend you enough!"
Ashlee & Kale

"Thank you sooo much to the crew at Your First Dance Co. for helping us create a magical first dance as husband and wife. I was a little surprised when Daniel first suggested that we have dance lessons for our wedding but I jumped on board straight away and we booked in with Your First Dance Co. Our lessons were so much fun and our first dance, as husband and wife, went off without a hitch. Our guests were amazed by our first dance and it really made our night. We cannot thank Anne Marie and the team at Your First Dance Co enough for their time, patience and professionalism. It was one of the best experiences of planning our wedding and we enjoyed it so much. We would not hesitate to recommend Your First Dance Co. to anyone and look forward to booking in our next dance lesson or joining one of the open classes."
Daniel and Taryn Bannister

"Thank you to Ann Marie and Amanda for choreographing our very first dance together as husband and wife. We were so excited to surprise our guests with our dance and we received so many comments about Todd's dance moves. Our dance was one of my favorite memories from our wedding day and we enjoyed every second of it. Thank you for bring part of our special day and helping us create something we will never forget."
Keeleigh & Todd

Thought we would write a thank you for helping us with our first dance. As you know I am not a dancer and was a bit reluctant at first. However both Liz and I had a really great time and it was suprisingly (for me - the boy) lots of fun.
We only had a couple of lessons which involved about an hour of dancing in each and these with practice in our own time, was enough to get us over the line.
Our guests at the wedding were pleasantly suprised / shocked and we recieved lots of positive comments afterwards.
We also had a lot of fun performing the routine for everyone. Once again thank you very much.
Liz & Skye